About us


Hey guys, my name is Kevin Taylor, a lot of people call me Dash.


Growing up I was captivated by sports and consumed my adolescent years watching and playing everything. Spending hours at the Boys & Girls club in Bristol CT, I developed a sense of community and a love for entrepreneurship. #monopoly. I loved where I was raised and wanted to represent home wherever I traveled. I went on to attend college in Connecticut where I ran and jumped Track & Field. While at school, my sense of community in Connecticut grew. I realized that I had a passion for giving back to the place that raised me as It was important to let others know how dope Connecticut was. However, there was something missing. A way to do it.  


The vision for Connecticut Threads is simple. Making quality, good looking products that honor the heart, the culture and the traditions of Connecticut. First and most, Connecticut Threads is a state brand. #CTT